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Bonk Breaker Energy Bars - 12 BARS (1.76 OZ)

Bonk Breaker makes great tasting, portable food to fuel your journey. Combining all-natural, real food, gluten-free real ingredients, Bonk Breaker fuels professional & elite level athletes and teams everywhere as well as weekend warriors, families &...
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Bonk Breaker Energy Bars - Box of 12

Bonk Breaker, the best tasting Energy Bar in the WORLD! "Where homestyle baking meets sports nutrition." We are baking every week, so all Bonk Breakers are shipped out within 5 days "out of the oven". In endurance sports, particularly cycling and...
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Bonk Breaker Energy Chews - Box of 10

Like all Bonk Breaker products, these chews taste delicious and we use the cleanest ingredients possible. Bonk Breaker Energy Chews are verified non-GMO and have 240 electrolytes (double that of the competition). Additionally, they are gluten free, soy...
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Bonk Breaker Protein Bars (Box with 12)

Bonk Breaker Protein Bar is a protein bar that doesn't taste like a protein bar! All Bonk Breakers are certified gluten free and most are dairy free and soy free. Great tasting for cutting edge sports nutrition. Providing the fuel for professional &...
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