Sapim Sapim Polyax Bulk Nipples - GMDP1401600 CZ-SL SAP0359

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Spoke Nipple Sapim Polyax Brass Oem 2.0X16Mm Double Square Head Bk Secure Lock
UPC: / Part Number: GMDP1401600 CZ-SL SAP0359

Product Overview

Bulk Sapim nipples in a variety of styles - see type column for part specifications Standard Polyax - The round shape of the head of the polyax nipples works like a ball-joint between the rim and the nipple ensuring a better spoke/nipple line Secure Lock - Locking mechanism that prevents nipples from untightening during wheel truing, machine compatible Double Square - Allows the use of internal or external spoke wrenches - wrench flats above and below the rim interface rather than standard slotted spoke nipples Double Square Head Secure Lock 2.0x18mm Individual Brass Black


(No reviews yet) Write a Review