12 Survivors
$143.99 $81.20
Survivors Hunter Knife is constructed out of full tang steel to bring you a quality slicing, cutting or stabbing instrument. Equipped with a paracord handle, the 12 Survivors Hunter Knife is easy to grip and maintain positive control while in use. The...
12 Survivors
$119.99 $110.70
The 12 Survivors Knife Rollup Kit offers the basic tools for surviving the outdoors. Including a fixed blade knife, folding knife, a hand axe and a multi-tool, the 12 Survivors Knife Rollup Kit provides you with the tool for any situation you may find...
12 Survivors
$143.99 $96.50
Survivors Machete is constructed out of full tang steel to bring you a quality slashing and chopping tool to cut your way out of the thickest brush. Equipped with a paracord handle, the Survival Machete is easy to grip and maintain positive control while...
Acecamp 4 Function Knife - 2530. Acecamp 4 Function Knife - 2530. 4 Function Knife
Allen Company
Allen Alamosa Gut Hook Skinning Knife Features: - Solid One Piece Stainless Steel Frame - Razor Sharp Blade Zips Through Animal Hide with Ease - Replaceable Blade Included - Convenient Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop
A truly interesting piece! The tanto blade of the Mini Slik allows maximum performance for everyday cutting chores. With a blade thickness of 4 mm, the sturdy blade is also suitable for delicate cutting tasks with its fine tip. Includes lanyard with blue...
Bill Coye from Oklahoma just joined the world of knifemakers a few years ago. With his main profession as a crime scene cleaner and as an avid hunter in his leisure time, he knows exactly what a good knife needs. His Ridgeback is small enough to be...
With the outstanding success of the Subcom F, our designer from Hawaii. Chad Los Banos, earned a lot of respect from the international cutlery community. With new models the saga continues. Same specifications as model 01BO589, but with a black partially...
Boker Axe - 18. 1 Length - Carbon Steel, Fiberglass - 1. 77 lb
Devil's Brigade originated in July of 1942. Under the official title, 1st Special Service Force, American and Canadian soldiers were combined together to form a special task force trained for battle behind enemy lines. The origin of many special units...
Carefully crafted for comfort and control. BOKER s lock blade hunting knives have all the quality features you ve come to expect, artfully executed with rugged beauty. All the knives feature 3 1/8 stainless steel blades that offer years of dependable...
These versatile knives sport a 3 5/8 blade, durable ABS handles, belt/pocket clip and lanyard hole. All will open and close with one hand, and weigh only 3. 2 oz. Closed length: 4 . Overall length: 8 1/8. Coated Solingen stainless steel blade, partially...
The term "EDC" (Every Day Carry) gets a whole new dimension. With a compact size of just over 2 1/4" (closed), the Keycom can be conveniently carried on the key ring and offers ergonomics and functionality. Frame lock, fiberglass reinforced nylon scale,...
John Bailey s latest throwing knife design for both beginners and professionals. The all-steel construction, weighing in at 360 g, uses 420 stainless steel and is well balanced, guaranteeing every throw is a pleasure. The grooves and depressions have...
Magnum Bailey Goal Cutting Knife - Fixed Blade Knife - Cutting
Canadian knifemaker Brent Beshara is known for his unique blade style called the Besh-Wedge , which uses the full thickness of blade material completely up to the blade tip, providing maximum stability. The Applegate-Fairbairn version of the Besh-Wedge...
This new sister model also includes a ceramical blade and surprises with an even lighter building. By using the high-quality material carbon for the handle we achieved not only the stunningly low weight of the knife but also an outstanding stability and...
Finally, a deployment tool that easily covers the entire range of tasks in duty, service, hobby and leisure. Developed and field tested by Roy Huntington, a police officer with more than twenty years of experience. Now Wilson Tactical and Boker begin an...