$28.99 $21.49
The Barbieri Chain Cleaner with Degreaser and Oil will keep your chain running like new. Give your chain the full treatment with the included degreaser, brushes and oil.
Bike Medicine
Solid CNC machined aluminum. Keeps the chain off the frame for cleaning. Fast, simple mounting to any bike. Not affected by cleaning chemicals or lubrication products. Made in the USA. Excellent for holding chain in place while in travel case with rear...
Box Components
$24.99 $20.79
Not too hot, not too cold. Box Two Chain Tensioners let you dial in your chain tension so it s just right Two mounting holes provide room for ample adjustment on most frames When used properly, Box Two Chain Tensioners help protect frame dropouts and...
Box Components
Limit Chain Tensioners are extruded then CNC-machined from 7075 aluminum for optimal strength and low weight. A minimalist design adds style while reducing their overall mass. A pair weighs just 62 grams/2.2 ounces. Limit Chain Tensioners are extruded...
$199.99 $159.99
For use with HD-Link and HD Ultra chains. Replaceable tapered pin. One tapered tip pin included.
Genuine Campagnolo tool
Genuine Campagnolo tool
$77.99 $77.98
Aids in the installation and removal of Athena EPS connectors - couples & decouples Athena EPS connectors. Essential equipment for Campagnolo Pro Shops that service Athena EPS bikes.
$9.99 $7.29
Replacement clamping device for the UT-CN200 chain tool
$24.99 $22.49
Heavy-duty chain tool suitable for shop use. Large handle for improved leverage. Compatible with 7/8/9/10/11-speed chains.
$14.99 $13.49
Padded rubber handle for added comfort. Long handle for greater leverage.
$12.99 $11.69
Installs and removes 8/9/10 speed master links
Fix chains on the ride Don't let a broken chain stop your ride, with the Chain splitter mini tool. Fit for all riders with 8 to 12-speed chains, it's complete with two pins and a body of hardened steel, so no matter what happens to your chain on the...
Universal, auto-adjusting chain tool. Can handle fat BMX chains to 11s Campy, and everything in between
$99.00 $89.10
Provides an exact measurement of chain 'stretch' in mere seconds. Restyled with an aluminum body and a larger screen. Measures up to 2.5mm elongation. A guide is etched right into the tool, to let you know when it's just the right time to change the...
$36.00 $32.40
Easy to use chain breaker. Reversible pin to extend life. Replaceable pin. Compatible with single to 11s speed chains
$12.00 $10.80
Plier style tool designed to assist in closing master links