$49.99 $44.95
The basics bundled in a compact package, but still with a little room for more.
$19.99 $17.95
Fix that flat and get back on your ride quick with a shot from our OUTPOST CO2 inflator.
$17.99 $16.15
Blackburn Wayside CO2 Inflator Head with Cartridge - 7063322
$14.99 $13.45
Need to save some time Running low on space Take advantage of a quick blast from our micro sized WAYSIDE CO2 inflator.
$29.99 $29.95
It's the tiny, big-volume pump for big volume tires. And while its directed at MTBs, its 120 PSI max pressure makes it road worthy as well.
$39.99 $39.95
Works as both a hand pump or a threaded CO2 inflator.
$104.99 $99.95
Blackburn Mini Pump Replacement CO2 Cartridge - 25g, Pack of 20 - 7085445
Blackburn Mini Pump Replacement CO2 Cartridge - 25g, Pack of 3 - 7085444
Removable head for use with CO2. Convenient storage of your CO2 cartridge in handle. Rated to 90 psi/ 6.2 bar.
Our ultra compact Co2 kit brings together simplicity and function. A durable silicone band houses one Co2 cartridge, 2 x reinforced glass fibre tyre levers and a Co2 head that is interchangeable with Presta or Schrader valves. A simple, stylish &...
Genuine Innovations
$24.99 $19.99
All new design reduces weight down to just 15 grams and eliminates the extrusion of the nozzle. Super lightweight mini inflator easier to use, works with threaded cartridges and Big Air ONLY. Push-to-inflate technology, push-on for Presta and Schrader...
Genuine Innovations
$39.99 $31.99
Everything you need to repair and inflate a tire, quality GI logo'd seat bag with reflective piping, inner mesh pockets and a light tab. Includes Microflate Nano inflator, w/two 16g threaded CO2, Small Patch Kit, and two tire levers.
Genuine Innovations
$27.99 $21.49
Includes Microflate Nano inflator, comes w/two 16g threaded CO2, Small Patch Kit, two tire levers, in 3.5" x 4.5" nylon, zippered wallet
Genuine Innovations
$34.00 $28.79
Ultraflate Plus with Trigger Controlled technology 3x 16g non-threaded CO2 cartridges Includes a small patch kit and two tire levers 5'' x 4.5'' nylon zippered wallet Valve interface: Slip onto Presta, screw on for Schrader valves Compatibility: 12 g, 16...
Genuine Innovations
$33.99 $29.95
Includes the UltraFlate Plus cupped CO2 bicycle tire inflator with Trigger Controlled technology. Includes three 16 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridges. Includes a small patch kit & two tire levers. Packaged in a large 5.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 zippered wallet. Built...
Genuine Innovations
$47.99 $38.39
Includes Ultraflate Plus inflator, three 16g non-threaded CO2, Small Patch Kit, and two tire levers in the new large seatbag with reflective piping, inner mesh pockers and a tab for your tail light
Genuine Innovations
$950.00 $855.00
Each individual kit includes one Microflate Nano, two 16g threaded CO2 cartridges, two tire levers and one patch kit. Box includes 50 kits
Genuine Innovations
$10.59 $9.14
You asked and we delivered . for the first time, purchase one of our most popular CO2 inflator heads without the CO2. Featuring an exclusive black color and an attractive price point, this petite Microflate Nano head's twist-to-inflate technology makes...
Genuine Innovations
$31.99 $22.99
New color and now works with ALL Genuine Innovations sizes except 12 g non-threaded and Big Air. Improved ergonomics , pressure indicator, safety switch, and protected nozzle cover. Push-on Presta and Schrader. Comes with 2 16g non-threaded CO2.
Genuine Innovations
Replacement C02 cartridges in an assortment of sizes and quantities