Personal Care - Buyer's Guide

Jan 16th 2017

Personal Care - Buyer's Guide

Sports like running and cycling requires certain personal care tips to ensure comfort and efficient performance. There are several personal care products that are important for beginners and expert athletes. Here is a list of personal care products one should consider buying.

Chamois Cream: Chafe Free Performance

This personal care product is specifically useful when cycling. This is the product to use if a cyclist experiences hot spots or chafe while riding. Chamois cream promotes comfort to those parts of the body that come in contact with the saddle of the bike.

The most common symptom of chaffing is a painful burning or stinging sensation. The affected area typically becomes red and raw. This is caused by a repeated motion specifically the skin rubbing against any fabric. This most often occurs in athletes who fail to adhere to use products like the chamois cream to avoid this.

There are actually two reasons why chamois cream is useful. First, this is able to reduce friction and second, this can stave off bacterial and fungal infections on the affected area. This must be applied liberally. In fact, the longer the ride, the more chamois cream should be applied. Chamois cream has the same ingredients with that of moisturizing lotions. The molecules on the cream can easily penetrate the skin. Thus, it is absorbed and the friction reducing capabilities of the cream lessen.

Sunscreens for Athletes

Sun protection is necessary to prevent any skin damage as well as skin cancer. Just like any other athletes, runners and cyclist should consider using sunscreens to protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

When choosing a sunscreen, athletes should check the SPF of the product. SPF is the ingredient that helps block the ultraviolet rays of the sun, which is actually the cause of sunburns. The SPF number indicated on the label of the sunscreen product would refer to the ability of the product to block the harmful rays of the sun. Sunscreen products with SPF 15 allow the user to stay under the heat of the sun 15 minutes longer before skin burning occurs. The average time that it would take a person to burn without any sunscreen products is about 15 to 20 minutes. Moreover, SPF 15 can actually block 93 percent of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Moreover, SPF 30 can block about 97 percent while SPF 45 can block about 98 percent.

Sports Powder for the Active Feet

Just like lubricants, powders can help reduce friction in between the feet and the socks. There are several types of powders available that can be used by athletes. When choosing a powder, it is necessary to choose those that are recommended for sports use.

Most sports powders are formulated with a unique blend of talc powder with advanced technical ingredients, which provides blister protection for the feet. The talc ingredient provides good lubrication. In addition to this, this ingredient also helps provide protection from discomfort that is caused by heat. The advanced technical ingredients like zinc complex, synthetic wax, and polyethylene work together with the talc ingredient to reduce friction, to deodorize the feet, and to repel moisture.

Sport Wash - Therapeutic Body Wash for Athletes

Every after engaging in sports activities, athletes should take care of the body through maintaining personal hygiene. While there can be ordinary sports wash to use, it is best to consider using body washes that are specially formulated for athletes and their active lifestyles.

Most sport wash are formulated with ingredients that would help soften the skin. Moreover, the sports wash also hydrates as well as nourishes the skin. There are also some products that help ease muscle pains felt after doing sports activities. Some products have anti fungal, anti inflammatory, and anti septic properties to promote faster recovery for athletes.