Lacoste Sunglasses

Aug 24th 2016

Lacoste began with an inventive tennis champion René Lacoste whose great attitude and focus drove him to produce a brand like no other. Predicted for greatness at the age of 17 Lacoste changed the sport of tennis with his inventions and won over 10 Grand Slam Titles. 

Having a friend design the signature Lacoste Crocodile due to his professional nickname René Lacoste changed not only the sport of tennis but also the world with his remarkable contributions to sportswear. Since Lacoste’s 1981 release of the 101 aviator style sunglasses they have bringing quality eyewear to customers on and off the tennis court. René Lacoste’s iconic presence as a tennis champion lives on through his stylish and revolutionary eyewear that still makes a statement nearly a century later. 

A sunglasses brand etched with history and style Lacoste brand sunglasses make a statement and they adorn your face. The combined selection of men and women’s sunglasses of 14 different styles each have a stylish presence all their own and align with any look you are trying to accomplish.

Classic Wayfarers 

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses to make a more classy statement the classic wayfarers are accented with the classic crocodile logo to give them that distinct Lacoste presence. The unisex design means man or woman you will look your best in this stylish eyewear. 


Classic Aviators

For a truly Lacoste look the unisex Classic Aviators prove to be a light weight sporty sunglass design that will suit any athlete. Comfortable and sturdy this pair of sunglasses could potentially last a lifetime and all the while remain in style. 



Same classic wayfarer style, with the added bonus of polarized lenses to reduce glare. These can also be fitted for prescription lenses - the frame can be warmed to swap out lenses in a flash.